Jesus loves You

God is calling you to choose life! Jesus loves us all with such great compassion and mercy. You might have heard this so many times and ignored it but I’m asking you
please don’t ignore the love of God. You can get all the treasures of this world but still be empty without having a relationship with God. You don’t have to make yourself ready or try to fix yourself before coming to the lord, salvation is FREE and it’s God doing everything for you. Don’t wait until its too late to accept the gift of true life from Christ. Peace and Rest is only found within Jesus. Our hearts are like stones and cannot truly love others without God. Faith in Jesus produces good and marvelous fruits! How amazing it is to know that while we were being disobedient and walking after our own desires which lead to destruction God still considered us and made a way which lead to life for us to be forgiven, justified and redeemed through Jesus. Tomorrow is not promise! Accept God grace while you’re still able to. I promise you that if you give God a chance your life will never be the same again. Be like Hezekiah who trusted in the lord and God delivered him! Be reminded the Prophet Isaiah declared, “Surely our griefs He Himself bore, And our sorrows He carried” Jesus did it all for us! You will find no greater love than that which comes from God. Beautiful is this truth that when we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us. Not only did he died for us but he is risen, death has been swallowed up in victory for in Adam all died, but in Christ all are made alive! Have faith! Believe and TRUST God.


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